Individual personnel required to be fully trained to meet qualifications in building capable, powerful Tatmadaw

Individual personnel required to be fully trained to meet qualifications in building capable, powerful Tatmadaw


    Chairman of the State Administration Council Commanderin-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivered an address to instructor officers and trainees of the Military Computer and Technological Institute in Hopong Station in the Eastern Command at the hall of the institute this morning.

Also present at the meeting were Chief of General Staff (Army, Navy and Air) General Maung Maung Aye, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief , the commander of the Eastern Command and officers and instructors and trainees of the institute in Hopong Station.

First, the Senior General delivered a speech, saying the Tatmadaw has been nurturing qualified personnel in respective training schools and trainees of the institute are being nurtured with the aim of enhancing the capabilities of the military engineering sector. As a result, trainees are required to study engineering subjects taught at the institute in order to be actually competent in them. The upgrading tasks of the institute have been carried out and as a favourable environment has been created, it is confident that the morale of trainees have improved. Although creating a favourable environment is a physical aspect, it can contribute a lot to improvement of morale.

When trainees perform duties in relevant battalions and units on completion of the training courses, it is necessary for them to carry out their duties responsibly by applying engineering subjects taught at the courses correctly. It is necessary for trainees to understand that doing so amounts to working for the betterment of the Tatmadaw and personal development.

Trainees are systematically selected and trained and instructors are required to train them properly to enable all of them to be competent on completion of the courses. All trainees are required to be competent in military science and technologies.

Education does not end at training schools and personnel are required to continue to study consistently. The more comprehensive the workload, the more necessary the effort.

Personnel are required to work creatively for the improvement of tasks being carried out. Only when personnel are competent, will they become experts. Personnel are required to study academic papers for their respective subjects in their free time. The English language is indispensable in studying engineeringsubjects, personnel are  required to study the language.

In studying academic subjects, personnel will be competent in their respective subjects by learning them daily. A more capable Tamadaw can be built by fully utilizing the academic discipline one is good at. As it is found that modern military strategies have changed nowadays, personnel are required not to lose sight of modern wars.

All personnel have joined the Tatmadaw to perform national defence duties of the State out of their own volition without anyone who urged them to do so. If personnel lead lives correctly in self-control in the Tatmadaw, they will be able to make progress for their lives. Not to lose sight of one’s aims, one must abstain from drinking and seeking pleasures which can ruin one’s life. If one exercises selfcontrol conscientiously, this will contribute to progress in life. If personnel try to nurture good behaviours in themselves and perform duties in accordance with disciplines, their aims will be achieved. If individual personnel learn and act properly for their personal development and there are many outstanding personnel, it is beneficial for the Tatmadaw and the country.

Then, the Senior General comprehensively explained the efforts of the Tatmadaw leading role of the Tatmadaw in adopting the multi party democracy system aspired by the entire national people, implementation the multi party democracy system since 2011, performing assigned duties responsibly and offering necessary advice during the terms of two democratic governments, voting irregularities in the 2020 general election, failure of the government to settle voting disputes, assumption of state duties by the Tatmadaw by declaring a state of emergency due to the situation of the country and efforts of the State Administration Council for political, economic, social and allround development and stability of the country by adopting policies and objectives.

Then, the Senior General presented foodstuffs and sport equipment for trainees to the commandant of the institute.

After the meeting, the Senior General and party cordially greeted the trainees.

Then, the Senior General inspected the implementation of agriculture and livestock breeding tasks in the institute and attended to the needs reported by responsible officers.

Afterwards, the Senior General and party enjoyed lunch together with trainees at the mess of the institute and greeted them cordially.

The Senior General and party also visited the local defence services hospital in Taunggyi in Shan State (South) this morning and asked after the health of individual officers, other ranks, families and members of the Myanmar Police Force who were receiving treatments. The Senior General spoke words of encouragement and presented foodstuffs to them.