Arms suppliers of KNPP and PDF terrorists committing destructive acts and terrorist acts in Kayah State arrested

Arms suppliers of KNPP and PDF terrorists committing destructive acts and terrorist acts in Kayah State arrested

Nay Pyi Taw November 17

KNPP and PDF terrorists were committing crimes including killing of innocent people, abduction of civil servants including teachers, destroying the homes of innocent people and looting them. They made connections and bought arms from some insurgent groups and carrying out atrocities against innocent people such as harassment, coercions and killings.

The government and Tatmadaw are prioritizing the work of ensuring cent-per-cent peace, stability and rule of law in the entire country for socioeconomic security. Acting on a tipoff from local national races, who are against the acts that will destroy peace and stability of the State and terrorist acts,  Tatmadaw apprehended a suspect KhunThaungTun owner of New Power gas station at Lwetat village, Panmonk village-tract, Pinlon, for providing arms and ammunition to KNPP and PDF terrorists who were committing destructive acts and terrorism in Kayah State, 16 November evening.

According to the suspect, five more suspects, KhunAung Min, Khun Nay Myo, KyawZinTun, KhunAungKyawMyint and KhunAungKyaw were arrested together with 12 RPGs, nine Chinese submachine guns, 109 Type-81 automatics, totaling 130 various types of guns, 106 RPG shells, 6100 Onaga bombs, 1426 Chinese grenades totaling 7632 bomb shells, 13670 rounds of 7.62 ammunition, 100 107mm fuses, 500 small arm spare barrels,  1829 magazines of various types, 950 kilos of TNT, 200 kilo grams of ammonium nitrate, 2000 sets of equipment that would be sent to KNPP and PDF, and three six-wheel unlicensed Canter trucks, one unlicensed Ford car, and one unlicensed Vigo car in the compound owned by PeTu (a) Mariono at Panmont village, Pinlong.

According to the confession of the suspects, PeTu (a) Mariono, the main illegal arms supplier in Kayah State, who was at large, was apprehended this morning.

According to KhunThaungTun and PeTu (a) Mariono, they carried the arms and ammunition in four portions from ten persons in SSPP/SSA uniforms, who transported the arms and ammunition to Kyaungon village, Pinlon Township, under orders of KNPP and PDF terrorists and kept them in a warehouse in the compound. They were arrested while planning to transports the arms and ammunition to Kayah State by six-wheel Canter truck.

Severe action will be taken against all the perrsons who are involved in the case. Information about the gun supply lines of KNPP and PDF terrorists, hiding places of gunrunners, and those who are involved in the crime can be sent secretly to the relevant authorities to apprehend them in the earliest possible time. Handsome awards are being presented to the information providers and the public cooperation is requested to ensure peace and stability of towns and villages soonest.