Union government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar holds meeting, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers opening address

Union government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar holds meeting, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers opening address

Nay Pyi Taw  February  2

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivered an address at the meeting of the Union government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar at the meeting hall of the President House, here, this morning.Also present at the meeting were Acting President U Myint Swe, Union Ministers U Wunna Maung Lwin, Lt-Gen Soe Htut, General Mya Tun Oo, U Win Shein, U Ko Ko Hlaing, U Chit Naing, U Ko Ko, U Myint Kyaing and Dr Thet Khaing Win.In  his  opening  address,  the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services said Union ministers were appointed to take administrative and management measures of the government after the Tatmadaw has taken responsibilities. The Senior General expressed his belief that the already appointed Union ministers are capable of actually carrying out the tasks for the State and the country.

All are experienced and qualified. They were assigned the duties to manage their respective sectors by applying their experiences and qualification. Collective leadership of a government can do better. They have to take responsibilities for respective ministries. The Senior General urged them to coordinate among them under the policy for shaping better country. Mainly, the Senior General stressed the need for them to further improve the good works to be better ones for the country based on experiences obtained from two democratic governments and international experiences. Those governments performed not only good works but also bad ones. The people and international communities responded to undertakings of the govern-ment. The country must implement the independent and active foreign policy and non-aligned policy in relationship with the international community. By steadfastly holding up five principles of peaceful co-existence for ensuring friendly relations with all countries, the country must firmly walk on the track of democracy. It means the track of democracy must be appropriate for the country. It must depend on the stand of the country. We will foster the independent and active and non-aligned foreign policy. As we are the organization taking responsibilities for the transit period, we need to place emphasis on everything without any mistakes. It is necessary to practise the democratic system in conformity with the actual situation of Myanmar. To be able to do so, we need to carry out the tasks under control.

With regard to the election, it is necessary to expose the voting frauds. The Union Election Commission will be reconstituted for implementing the duties and functions. In respect of the electoral process, the Tatmadaw released firm statements related to scrutiny of voting lists. As far as it knew, the Tatmadaw issued statements on voting frauds to be clarified. But, the previous election commission did not respond to it. Voting lists of 314 townships were placed under scrutiny. Findings of the Tatmadaw did not have heavy errors, except some errors of computer technology. Concerning the matter, necessary measures will be taken after outcomes have been received by verifying the votes by impartial individuals. It is necessary to verify the data based on the 2014 population census and 2019 pilot population census of the Ministry of Labour, Population and Immigration. It is also important to issue national registration cards impartially to nationals who haven’t received one, especially to ethnic people in ethnic areas, as soon as possible.

As for prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19, it is vital to maintain the momentum of efforts for prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19. All orders issued for prevention of COVID-19 are valid until they are amended and it is important to continue vaccinating people against coronavirus in accordance with disciplines. It is necessary to carry out flight issue for arrivals of imported vaccines in line with the procedures. Myanmar citizens who have been stranding abroad for a long time during the COVID-19 outbreak period should return to Myanmar. Arrangements must be made to repatriate those Myanmar citizens abroad as quickly as possible. Prevention is better than cure. Among raising awareness, prevention and treatment, the cost for treatment is very high. In taking preventive measures, conducting more diagnostic tests can reduce transmission without infecting many people. In China, transmission was reduced by carrying out diagnosis tests on the entire population of cities and putting infected patients in quarantine. It is important not only for the Ministry of Health and Sports but also for relevant ministries to exert efforts as much as possible. The Senior General stressed the need to arrange homage paid to Buddhist pagodas as well as services at relevant religious buildings under the restrictions of COVID-19.With respect to the economy, the country’s economy has slowed down since the closure of factories and workshops due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020. About 70 percent of the population of Myanmar reside in rural areas of the country by mainly carrying out agriculture and livestock breeding tasks. As for the State economy, agriculture and livestock breeding tasks cannot be neglected. As there are more than 7 billion people throughout the world, food is always needed. People will get jobs by trying to fulfill the food needs. It is important to make efforts for economic recovery and to create jobs for unemployed people to earn incomes. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation is required to offer helps for the agriculture sector. It is also necessary to take measures to resume operations of factories that have been closed, in accord with the guidelines of COVID-19. It was also learnt that some factories and workshops were running without observing the COVID-19 restrictions. It is necessary to render assistance for workers in factories and workshops to be able to abide by restrictions for systematic transportation. It is important to provide equipment necessary for prevention of the pandemic at the lowest prices and the government will provide funds for the equipment as these costs must be covered by COVID-19 Prevention Funds. Arrangements will be made for resumption of domestic travelling and hotel businesses which need to strictly abide by COVID-19 restrictions. All the responsible organizations should guide the people to stay in accord with the COVID-19 guidelines and the people should also obey them. The Ministry of Information must conduct comprehensive campaigns to enhance public awareness of the virus. In accord with the motto “to inform, to educate and to entertain”,

the  entertainment  programmes must preserve the national traditions and culture. Modernization is encouraged, but ultra-modernization is not. Efforts should be made in all sectors for the resurgence of the national economy that is in a decline due to COVID-19.In all sectors, work should be carried out in accord with the law and rules.  The Tatmadaw always abides by the law. As regards the recent event, the law has always being taken into account. The current means has been chosen for the good of the country because of the occurrence of an unavoidable situation despite the repeated requests were made. The Tatmadaw will steer the country on the correct path before the forthcoming electedgovernment emerges in the election.  It is necessary to help address the bad situations due to various
reasons. The work of stabilizing the country must be done in accord with the law. During the one-year emergency period, election matters and  COVID-19  prevention  and containment must be prioritized. Every matter, including financial matter must be carried out in accord with the rules, disciplines and laws, said the Senior General.

The Senior General then dealt with matters relating to international relations, correct census data for holding the election again, the reopening of pagodas by the respective  ministries  in  accord with the COVID-19 prevention guidelines, arrangements for swift repatriation of Myanmar citizens and resumption of hotel business in accord with the health guidelines. The Union ministers presented their sector-wise future programmes and the Senior General looked into the requirements.The meeting ended with concluding remarks by the Senior General.