Use favourable conditions effectively for regional development

Use favourable conditions effectively for regional development


    Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied his entourage, met MSME entrepreneurs from Danu Self-Administered Zone in Pindaya this afternoon and discussed regional and economic development.

On arrival in Pindaya, the Senior General and party were warmly welcomed by Chair ofb the Zone Leading Body U Arka Lin and members and local national races to the accompaniment of traditional drums.

Individual reports on MSME functions and requirements

    The leading body chair and the Shan State chief minister reported on points of the zone, farming activities, agroproducts export, courses that support MSMEs, provision of financial assistance from national economic development funds for farming industry, potato coldstorage erection project, farming in the zone, domestic sales and export of MSME products, mineral smelting, technical courses production businesses, loans disburse for Shan State MSMEs from national economic development funds, building of production roads in the zone, solarpower for river water pumping works, water supply, and future programs for MSME development.

Chair of Shwe Tetlan potato group U Thein Zaw, Executive member of Cherry Taungdan tea cooperative society U Ba Si, Manager of Ywangan Township Cooperative Syndicate U Aung Kyin, U Win Myint Lay of Ywangan Township fruit juice enterprise, local elders and other participants discussed availability of quality seeds for increasing potato per acre yield, the requirement of a cold storage for potato seeds, technological, mechanical and financial aid for producing and distributing high quality tea leaf the main product of Pindaya Township, assistance for increasing coffee sown acreage and extending coffee market in Pindaya which is producing quality coffee beans, construction of detour near Pindaya to further facilitate transport, assistance for supplying drinking water in Pindaya and Ywangan townships where the number of natural springs is decreasing and population in increasing, collective conservation of Boktalok Lake, the pride of Pindaya, and requirements for regional development.

The Senior General asked for more information and looked into the requirement.

Sector wise clarification of union ministers

    In response, the union ministers explained support provided to MSMEs for national economic growth, loans from national economic development funds, availability of development loans and economic loans through normal procedures, correct use of loans and repayment of loans within the prescribed period, provision of machines and financial capital to cooperative societies set up for local economic and socioeconomic development, the benefits of registering their MSMEs in accord with the rules, arrangements to display local products  coffee and tea  at external expos to extend foreign markets and other issues.The chief minister assured swiftest means to contact relevant ministries in looking into the requirements presented by businesspersons and local elders of the zone.

Effective use of the zone’s favourabe conditions for regional development

    As regards regional and economic development, the Senior General said the zone has a lot of economic potentials. The zone grows seasonal and perennial crops. “Weather depends on trees”. Natural resources ensure positive weather and positive weather ensures enough water supplies for agriculture. Forests must be collectively protected and conserved. Forest depletion can be followed by dryer weather and loss of water resources.

Hence, officials and local should collectively conserve forests.

Rays of sun must be effectively used to generate solar power.

Pindaya has food self sufficiency, but has not hit the target yet.

Hence quality strains must be used.

As local food sufficiency does not need to purchase foodstuffs outside, it will contribute to betterment of monetary circulation.

Hence, it is necessary to boost peracre yield rather than extending the sown acreage.

Likewise, if they strive for meeting the target production of other crops, they will have increased incomes as well as development of economy whereas local people will have improvement of socioeconomic life. As such, local farmers have to efficiently utilize sound foundations they possess to emphasize regional development.

Encouragement for manufacturing industries based on agricultural and livestock products

     The Senior General stressed the need to systematically operate pedigree animal species to increase production rate. If Pindaya region successfully manage breeding of chicken, pig, cow and other animals, it will be a region which can produce meat for the country. They can operate dairy cow farming tasks and produce milk and dairy products. As the region possesses agricultural produce which can be used in production of feedstuffs, it will contribute much to livestock sector.

The government encourages agriculture and livestock products in operating MSME industries aimed at ensuring supply of raw materials which are sure to be used in manufacturing.

It is necessary to sufficiently supply water and fertilizers in agriculture sector. If local people correctly use inputs for nutritious measures of agriculture and livestock farms, production rate will boost.

Recruitment of educated human resources in the region

    The Senior General called for avoiding too much ration of pesticides in growing vegetables not to cause danger. Use of water must be efficiently in agricultural farms. If locals efficiently use agricultural techniques, land preparations and water utilization in agriculture sector in Pindaya region, they can manufacture agricultural produce rather than now. To do so, the region needs a larger number of agriculturists.

The Senior General underscored that it is necessary to recruit educated persons in the region for development of human resources in the agriculture and livestock farms. Some weakness is seen in Pindaya region related to learning school education.

The local people need to pass middle school education in minimum to attend the technical, agriculture and livestock breeding high schools. Only when they have school education, will they have techniques. If so, they will be skillful. Hence, all people need to encourage the education sector for increasing educated persons in Pindaya region.

Development of local tourism industry to reflect regional development

     Danu Self Administered Zone is endowed with natural beauties attracting travellers and it possesses significant places with fine weather. Hence, it is necessary to strive for improvement of tourism industry with drawing attention of local and foreign travellers. If the region can improve quality of traditional foodstuffs and domestic products with attraction, these will contribute much to regional development and help increase number of travellers to the region.

Likewise, local people and departmental personnel serving in the region are to cooperate with each other in beautifying the region. If main products of the region such as tea, coffee, soya bean and others can be produced deliciously with proper packaging system, these will attract travellers and help promote the sale of products.

Primarily, local people have to work. If so, they will have the chance to enjoy fruits of their works. The government is serving the responsibilities without political trend but emphasizing the national cause. Although there may be different political attitudes, all need to serve the interests of the region by prioritizing the regional development.

All of today’s talks focused on interests of the local people residing in Danu Self Administered Zone. The Senior General expressed his belief that the zone

will have capability to successfully undertake the tasks. The Senior General urged all to strive for regional development and peace and stability of the region.

The Senior General cordially greeted MSME businesspersons who attended the meeting.

The Senior General interestingly viewed round the booths which showcase domestic products, foodstuffs, personal goods, industrial products, traditional handiworks, and clothes and asked about grasping the market shares of these products. Businesspersons from relevant businesses conducted the Senior General round the booths.